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cvcvc Republic of Somaliland Recognition and Reconstruction Tour Seminar Luncheon

On Monday, October 6, 2003, Organized by Vision View, Inc., and the Somaliland Policy and Reconstruction Institute (SOPRI) and sponsored by U.S. Pacific Development Group and U.N. Peace International Foundation, a ceremonial luncheon seminar for the Recognition and Reconstruction of Somaliland was held at Oxford Plaza, Korea Town of Los Angeles City.

As the delegate arrived, they were given full royal welcome. Most local Asia news agencies were also present. The luncheon ceremony was televised live by Korean midday (noon) time news. John Choi, an old friend of Somaliland community and one of the organizers opened the event followed by Award Presentation by Former State of California Lieutenant Governor and Congressman and now an Assemblyman, Mr. Mervyn Dymally. Mr. Dymally, a man who is very knowledgeable about Somaliland, gave a brief and informative speech about Somaliland. He
stated that as young man, he studied Somaliland history while it was still under British Colony. He stated that Somaliland's current international political isolation is unacceptable, and their voice and choice should be respected. Mr. Dymally presented an Award to both Mohammed Hashi and Adna Adan. This was a certificate of recognition by the California State Assembly, in honoring and appreciation of their services and dedication.

Dr. Hong B. Rhee, member of the Korean Community gave very good and well presented overview Somaliland History. Dr. Rhee stated that he came to know the Somaliland History while he was conducting a research at a University of Pennsylvania. He continues his speech by adding that the more he read the deeper his interest grew which kept him perusing.

Mohammed Hashi Elmi, Somaliland Minister of Commerce and Industry, presented to the participant the opportunity that exists in Somaliland. He spoke about Somaliland position and policy in regard of international investors. He described many available precious stones and other natural resources that have been discovered so far of which are commercially available quantities. Adna Adan Ismail, the Foreign minister also gave a speech about Somaliland political status. She showed slides and overhead projector pictures in chronological order starting from the time of British Administration through current stage of Somaliland history.

Dr. Kaz Demille Jacobsen, who produced many movies and TV shows, won three AME awards, served in a minister in the New Zealand government, worked with UN for many years, found two non profit organization, of which one of them has subsidiary organizations also spoke on this occasion. Dr. K. Jacobsen was one of the only two survivals of 9/11 at North Tower. She was in her office located on 9th floor of the North tower when the plane hit the building. She lost four clients and 17 staff members as well colleagues. Dr. K. Jacobsen expressed satisfaction of what the two Ministers and Dr. Rhee presented on that day. She praised the Somaliland people for their hard work, adding that they will be rewarded sooner for what they deserve.

Cutting a cake to represent the new friendship between the Korean Community and Somaliland people concluded this great day.

Representative of the different parties involved here were:

The Korean Community was represented by: Mr. John Choi, Mr. Sang Y. Lee, and Mr. Samuel You.
The Somaliland Government: Mohamed Hashi and Adna Adan
3 And SOPRI was represented by; Abdirahman Mohammed Abusite, Hassan Mogeh Hirsi and Bonita Earl.

 Source: Radio Somaliland


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