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  ha moogaan mareegta u ban baxday raadraaca taariikhda, dhaqanka iyo hidaha
  Tifatirayaasha Farshaxan way ka madax banaan yihiin fikradaha gaarka ah ee ku sugan halkan

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In support of Bashir Goth's article

     For those of us who appreciate the political secularism and social
     openness of Somalia, there could be no more serious alarm than what
     manifests itself these days in our country.
     One should look no further than the historical facts and the political and
     social events that have been unfolding in Somalia over the last decade and
     presented in Mr. Bashir Goth’s article on detrimental effects of Wahhabism
     on our country, recently published in major websites and some newspapers.
     He laid out in his article the hideous manner in which the Saudis
     infiltrated surrogate fanatical clerics that have been trained in Arabia
     over the years into Somali society. Mr. Goth is a proud Somali nationalist
     whose philosophical thinking greatly coincides with that of many Somalis
     including myself. He deservedly earned our acknowledgment of his efforts
     to raise the awareness and the consciousness of our society in general and
     that of our intellectuals in particular. He explicitly explained the
     difference between the harmonious Sufism that Somalis have followed over
     the centuries and the brand of Islam preached and practiced by these long-
     bearded fanatics.
     We all know how harmonious and compatible Islam and Somali culture have
     been over thousands of years without any conflict, but we also know that
     the surreptitiously Saudi funded surrogate fanatical groups like Ittihad
     Al-Islami and Saudi frontal agencies such as Al-Harameyn under the guise
     of humanitarianism are unleashed not only to uproot the Somali culture and
     heritage but also reverse the Somali social thinking to create a new
     society, based on their brand of Islam and narrow world vision through
     their brainwashing and proselytizing schools known as (Madrasa ).
     Case in point is the likes of Karshe Majiid whose reaction to Mr. Goth's
     article (see hiiraan.com) has shown the kind of fanatical influence that
     is not only shaping the thinking of the young but also the old, not only
     those in the country but also in the Diaspora. Majiid is clearly a product
     of the Saudi influence that Mr. Goth has so eloquently described in his
     letter. Majiid has obviously demonstrated that he fits the fanatical mold
     of Al-Qaida and the Taliban that advocates for taking society back to the
     stone ages and for the enslavement of women. Fanatics like Majiid and his
     ilk have shown an abysmal hatred for human progress through economic and
     technological advancement and their hostility is directed at the
     principles of individual freedom, democratic society and culture of
     They advocate for women to be homebound prisoners and that their only
     function for contribution to society is to act as baby factories and to
     clad themselves in ugly multi layer dark clothes, shielding their bodies
     before getting out of the house. Not only this contradicts the evolving
     nomadic-based Somali culture but it also ignores the secular political
     culture of our country as Somalia has never contemplated nor entertained
     the idea of establishing a system of theocracy. So militant
     fundamentalists like Al-Ittihad Al-Islami are diligently working to
     eradicate our history, our values and cultural identity and forcefully
     implementing Wahhabi dogma to establish mass following in Somalia, as Mr.
     Goth accurately detailed in his article. I deeply resent and categorically
     reject the argument and the suggestion by fanatical surrogates like Majiid
     that covering women and restricting their movement is a tradition of
     Somali cultural origin. No, that is not a Somali culture.
     Somali women had actively participated in the daily activity of family and
     social life. They have always been an important contributor to the
     economic progress and social well being of the nomadic, farming or urban
     Somali society. They have a well-known unique dressing style both in rural
     and urban influence, which has nothing to do with the way women dress in
     Arabia. If Somali fundamentalists espousing Wahhabi dogma fell in love
     with the way women dress and treated in the Arabian Peninsula, then love
     them but we want to keep ours that way. We have our own unique identity of
     cultural, linguistic and artistic values. I don't want Majiid and his
     fanatical peers to impose their dogmatic views and Wahhabi fanatical
     ideology on my female loved ones, because I want them to be free and be my
     equals as well
     Mohamud M. Ahmed (gashan)

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