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Hooyooy -Oh Mother

    Hooyo by Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame Hadrawi
    and sung by Mohamed Suleiman
    This song is a tribute to mothers, motherhood or mother earth.  Some Somliland
    women view this highest accolade for women, motherhood as a tribute to man
    since mother (woman) is only remembered through the achievements of man. This
    otherwise touching song leaves the virtues of women remarkably untouched except
    after she gives birth to a powerful man,or she woes his mind.  The question
    then arises: is that all she (woman) can be? Maybe or maybe it is what the poet
    desires her to be.
           To give life and nurture to another human being is indeed the highest
    honour but  then where does the composer leave the entire female race and the
    other qualities they share with men? My mother, before she became a mother,
    was a poet, a multi-talented artist of the highest form, brave,generous,
    eloquent, resourceful,hardworking,kind and physically smashing,also a stern
    disciplinarian after she became a mother and a mentor after I became a student.
    Reading this poem, the word ďmotherĒ brings to mind all her qualities as a
    human being.  I could not separate these qualities from the fact that she was
    my mother.  Interestingly, the composer remembers woman only in her physical
    beauty and only in the eyes of the man in love or as the nurturing mother.
    More interestingly, this intensely devoted mother is honoured only when her
    grown son surprises the world with his impressive qualities. He (the son of the
    mother) is not portrayed in his childhood frailty. Does that mean mother is
    only worthy of praise when she succeeds in raising him thus? What happens with
    all her efforts even when that son doesnít bring any worth to this world?
    Isnít that effort to raise a disabled or lost soul painfully harder for a
    mother? Isnít the mother who shares the suffering of her child equally
    important.  Is she to be blamed for the failure of nature or faulty
    conception?  This song moves me as it does others but in close reading it
    leaves much to be desired.
            As a child I was as much my motherís daughter as I was  my fatherís.
    My motherís poetry sometimes surpassed that of my father's. The Eden in which
    I was raised was as much of her hard work as it was fatherís.  The gallantry,
    foresight, persuasive nature and creative genius qualities were all equally
    hers as well as my fatherís. Clearly this poetís sensitivity has generously
    cloaked women (mother) with his best honour; I would however be more flattered
    had the song brought to bear my mother the person as equally important.  I
    still wish the poet would see my/our humanity as much as he sees my/our
    physical and nurturing self.
      Hooyooy la'aantaa
      Aduunyadu hubaashii
      Habeen kama baxdeenoo
      Iftin lama heleenoo
      Dadku uma hayaameen
      Xiddig hawd ka lulatoo
      Sida haad ma fuuleen
      Dayax heego joogoo
      Hubka laguma tureen
      Hawo laguma gaadheen
      Cirka hirar ka muuqdoo
      Ruux aad hagaysiyo
      usha mid aad u haysaa
      hilin toosan weligii,
      ka habaabi mayee
      Hooyoy addoomuhu
      Halkay maanta joogaan
      Adigow horseedoo
      Intaad hanad xambaartee
      Haaneedka siisee
      Horaaddada jaqsiisee
      Habtay baan xisaab iyo
      Tiro lagu heleynoo.
      Marka aad nin hiilloo
      Laga baqo hashiisiyo
      Halyey diiran dhashaa baa
      Hooyo lagu xasuustaa
      Marka aad nin hoo-loo
      Gurigiisa habaqluhu
      Isku soo halleeyoo
      Hayntiisa quudhoo
      Hor Illaahay geystiyo
      Lama hure dhashaa baa
      Hooyo lagu xasuustaa.
      Mar aad nin himilada
      Hilin toosan mariyoo
      Hir markii la gaadhoba
      Ku labaad hilaadshoo
      Haga maatadiisoo
      La higsado dhashaa baa
      Hooyo lagu xasuustaa.
      Marka aad nin hoogiyo
      Ka hor taga daalkoo
      Garta hubin yaqaanoo
      Xaqa hoos u eegoo
      Halistiyo colaadaha
      Dabka hura bakhtiiyoo
      Ku haggoogta dhiiggoo
      Dadka kala hagaajoo
      Kala haga dhashaa baa
      Hooyo lagu xasuustaa.
      Markaad hoobal caaniyo
      Hindisaa farshaxanoo
      Hab-dhaca iyo luuqdiyo
      Hawraarta maansada
      Heensayn yaqaanoo
      Rabbi biyo u siiyoo
      Labadaba hannaanshiyo
      Hal-abuur dhashaa baa
      Hooyo lagu xasuustaa.
      Dumar iyo haween baa
      Nolol lagu haweystaa
      Kuwa lagu hammiyayee
      Sida hawd caleen weyn
      Rag u wada hammuumee
      Ishu calacsanaysaa
      Hablahaaga weeyee
      Marka guur la haybshee
      Gabadh heego dheeroo
      Hoobaan la moodoo
      Karti iyo hubqaadloo
      Quruxdana ka hodaniyo
      Hira laga aroostaa
      Hooyo lagu xasuustaa
      Hooyoy la'aantaa
      Higgaad lama barteenoo
      Hooyoy la'aantaa
      Hadal lama kareenoo
      Ruuxaanad habinoo
      Kolba aanad hees iyo
      Hoobey ku sabinoo
      Hawshaada waayaa
      Hanaqaadi maayee
      Hoygii kalgacalkee
      Naxariistu hadataay.
      Hooyoy dushaadaa
      Nabad lagu hubaayooo
      Hooyoy dhabtaadaa
      Hurdo lagu gam'aayoo
      Hooyoy taftaadaa
      Dugsi laga helaayoo
      Waxa lagu hal-maalaa
      Hooyo ababintaadee
      Hayin lagu badhaadhaay
      Hogol lagu qaboobaay
      Gogol lama huraaneey
      Dugsigii hufnaantaay
      Hidda lagu arooraay.
      Intaad hooyo nooshahay
      Hambalyiyo salaan baan
      Hanti kaaga dhigayaa
      Hamrashiyo xaq dhowr baan
      Dusha kaa huwinayaa
      Hooyo dhimashadaaduna
      Hooggayga weeyoo
      Hiyiga iyo laabtaan
      Kugu haynayaayoo
      Weligay hogaagaan
      Ka dul heesayaayoo
      Hengel baan u xidhayaa
      Inta haadka duushiyo
      Gidi habar dugaaggee
      Ifka hibo ku noolow
      Aakhiro halkii roon
      Hooyo aakhiro halkii roon
      Translated and commented
      by: Rhoda. A. Rageh
      Member of Farshaxan website
      Oh Mother! Without you
      The world would surely
      Be perpetual darkness,
      Devoid of light.
      Folks wouldnít reach
      Planets in heavens.
      Like hawks wouldnít
      Soar to looming stars
      With guided ambition
      Nay, wouldnít have aspired at
      Sphere in space.
      Verily one led
      by your flawless
      Devotion the right path
      never would lose.
      Oh Mother!
      Where the world is today
      Surely you paved the route.
      The many valiant
      you have carried
      Held dear on your bosom,
      Fed from  your breasts
      Are countless, and
      When your daring son
      awe inspire others,
      You give birth
      to a fierce knight,
      Oh Mother!Thou are remembered.
      When your charitable son
      In whose house the destitute
      Rely to feast freely,
      gives kindly to please Allah.
      In the presence of
      indispensable man
      Oh Mother!Thou are remembered
      When your son of purpose
      with clear vision,
      Achieving an objective
      sets another and
      leads his flock hither.
      When you give birth
      to an envied gallant
      Oh Mother!
      Thou are remembered.
      When your impartial
      son of foresight
      Thwarts conflict
      through persuasion,
      When halting the perils of war,
      he snuffs Firestorm, and
      intercedes to lead humanity.
      Oh Mother!
      Thou are remembered.
      When in composition and song
      Your famous artist
      Creative and ingenious
      Transporting through poetry
      Reveals God given talent,
      When you give birth to
      an endowed instinct
      Oh Mother!
      Thou are remembered
      Women Surely are
      the founts of life.
      Those much desired
      women coalescing
      Like concentrated forest,
      The clamour of all men,
      These beauties
      Are thy daughters.
      When thoughts of matrimony invade
      Your poised lofty girls,
      Like the boughs of a tree
      Adept and stylish,
      Splendour abound
      Unblemished duly wed.
      Oh Mother! Thou are remembered
      Oh Mother! Without you
      Spelling would have been inconceivable.
      Without you Mother,
      Expression would render unthinkable
      One, whom you have not indulged,
      Not seldom with lullabies fed
      One,you havenít doted upon,
      Surely wonít mature.
      Thou, are the house of adulation
      Thy abode is of compassion.
      Oh Mother! On your back
      One attains peace.
      Oh Mother! On your lap
      Sleep is pure.
      Oh mother at your hem
      Shelter is most secure
      Grandeur! Oh mother
      Thy cultivation is.
      Resilience and richness and
      Tranquil Downpour.
      Thou are boundless delight
      Thy school is of moral rectitude.
      Thou are root of ritual.
      In thy existence, Oh Mother!
      Compliments and salutation
      I impart upon thee.
      The cape of distinction
      I drape around thee Oh Mother!
      Oh Mother! Your demise
      Is my eternal woe.
      I will forever
      Sing on your tomb
      In my head and heart
      I will embrace thee prized
      I will bewail thee with every
      Winged and wild beast
      Live resplendently here.
      Prosperity in the hereafter.
      Oh! Mother Prosperity in the hereafter.
Published and posted
Bahda Mareegta Farshaxan
Copyright ©2003- Mareegta Raadraac ee Farshaxan. All Rights Reserved.