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Mareegta Far-Shaxan
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Ducaysane Wiilkayoow

    From Dad to Son
    As a wise proverb says, every man can father a child but only few can be become dads.  This
    song is a tribute to all the Somaliland dads especially those low income dads who in spite of
    poverty do not abandon the prime responsibility of rearing a child.
     I am not quite sure if Muhammad Tukaale, the composer of this song intends it for his own son
    or a symbolic son, but this is a beautiful song in which under a tad of disappointment, this
    dad reveals a loving bond between them.  This poor father hoped a better future for his son,
    but when the son chooses the same path as his father, the old man could only support his
    decision. He is disappointed but still hopeful that his son will achieve the rank that he
    never had.   The language of the song is laden with affection, motivation and good advice.
    The song has many turns.  A loving dad shares his career disappointments with his son.
    Without malice, he reminds his son of the long career he had in the military and how he
     maintained his integrity without a single promotion.  Occasionally the soldier dad trains his
    young cadet.  He teaches his son a strong sense of duty both through his career experience
    and his family responsibility.  He advises him to be loyal to his job, respectful of his
    employees, to love his country and to be a good person.  Through the advice he gives to his
    beloved son, this dad brings out his own best qualities.  He shows his son that he has been
    loyal to his job, that he loved his country; that he raised his son thus.  Therefore,
    listening to the advice he gives to his son, we admire the qualities of the father.
    In a society where fathers have long relinquished family responsibilities, I congratulate
    Muhammad Tukaale for this manly advice and guidance to his son and I dedicate this translation
    as a gift to all the good dads who sacrifice for the sake of their children especially to my
    brother whom I consider one of the few loving dads today.
    Ducaysane wiilkayoow                              Oh my blessed son
    Anoo dan yar baan ku dhalay                       I begot you poor.
    Dabadeed waxan galay askari                       Then became a soldier.
    Anoon waligay dalacin iyo                         Without any promotion,
    Dablaan kugu soo korshoo                          I raised you a rank-less soldier.
    Qeyrkey wuxuu duunyo yeeshay                      As my peers amassed money,
    Asaagay daaro jeexday                             My rank's folks built property,
    Adan kugu daalay aabe                             On nurturing you I labored my son. And
    Rabigay iguma darnaane                            My Lord wasn't unmerciful
    Run baan kuu sheegayaa                            in my toil to rear you. I am telling
    Markaad dugsi sare dhamaysay                      You the truth. Upon completing high school,
    Adoon dibadda u hiloobin                          Not yearning for a foreign land,
    Inaad dalkii daafac noqoto                        If, but becoming a defender of your
    Hadaad dooratoo jeclaatay                         Country is a calling of your choice,
    Ducaan kuu hibeeye aabe                           I bless you my son!
    Adduunka intaad dul joogto                        As long as you live on this earth!
    Darajo yay yarasi malahee                         Rank is never too trivial.
    Hadduu Rabi kuugu deeqo                           If the Lord blesses you with it,
    Ha noqon ha doqon kibir ku faana                  Never, never become an arrogant daft.
    Dammane yaan lagugu xaman                         Dim-witted you should not be known.
    Dulqaad waligaa lahow                             Patience, always employ. And
    Dadkaad xukuntana tix geli                        Defer to those you direct.
    Sharcigana daacad u ahow                          Abide honestly by the law.
    Hadiidine amarka raac                             Don't defy commands, Obey!
    Dalkaaga nafta u hibee                            Sacrifice yourself for your land.
    Waxaan danta guud ahayn                           Naught but broad decency
    Ducaysane kuguma ogi                              I bequeath you my blessed son.
    Dudun ka boodi mayside                            You aren't jumping over a mot hill.
    Adiga iyo inta ula da'da ah                       But honesty for you and your
    		Dardaaran idiinka dhigayaa                Peers, I entrust upon you.
    Translated and commented by
    Rhoda A. Rageh
                            This song is sung by Hassan Aden Samater and composed by
                                        Muhamed Tukaale
Soo Bandhige :Fu,aad
              Bahda Mareegta Farshaxan

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