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 Program Reports
Increase Food Production
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The purpose of this website is to offer the latest information regarding the life of Gabiley and to introduce the support & the help from different sources that are available to schools,hospitals and related organization.

The Agricultural and Rural Development Organization (ARDO)
is a local voluntary Organization founded in 1993 by a
group of intellectuals of different specialist and community
elders. Its headquarters is in the district town of Gabiley
and has also branches offices in Borama, Hargeisa and Djibouti.

ARDO was founded to support the war displaced farmer communities
and to resettle them firmly mainly those families headed by
female. ARDO's programs are directed in the reconstruction of
the ruined economic infrastructure, reinitiate the stagnate
economic activities, education and health.

Since its establishment, ARDO has implemented different projects
throughout the country, with a funding source from local
communities,UN and LNGOs, local authorities and the centre
government are also received more collaboration.

ARDO encourages the cooperation co-working among LNGOs towards
achieving self-sustainable economic growth of the country.
ARDO is now focal point for food security at national level.

ARDO-LNGO is committed to primarily promote reintegration of
the returnee population of Somaliland through empowerment and
provision of capitol inputs,construction/rehabilitation of
infrastructure, communicate mobilization/awareness and environment
protection services. The purpose is to improve the quality of live
of the target communities, especially in the regions of Hargeisa
and Awdal to enhance the reintegration of the returnee through
food security and provision of employable skills, clean & safe
drinking water and improvement of infrastructure.

To successfully achieve the above-mentioned goals, the following
key issues will be given priorities:

  1.. Increase food production
  2.. Infrastructure development.
  3.. Women empowerment
  4.. Livestock development and
  5.. Institutional capacity building.


ARDO-LNGO has qualified expatriate Somali experts who share in
a common sense about the presence and future works of community
empowerment and development through full participation and
prioritising their needs.


ARDO-LNGO commits to lead and transform the people of Somaliland
toward a sustainable economic development, peace and stability.


ARDO-LNGO shall endeavour to create new better opportunities for
urban as well as rural communities in order to achieve
self-employment and increased locally produced products in the
areas of agriculture, livestock, small business enterprises and
environment protection activities. We facilitate lasting change by:

  a.. Strengthening capacity of the civil society for self-help
  b.. Providing income opportunity for dependents
  c.. Influencing community decision making processes at all levels
  d.. Terminating discrimination in all of its forms


Guided by the aspirations of the communities we serve, we pursue
our mission with both excellence and integrity. As a development
organization, we do implement activities that assist families
and communities to cope with complex emergencies and to achieve
self-sufficiency in their daily lives in the respect of the
rights of all groups. In other words, our core values comprise
of the following components:

RESPECT:     We affirm dignity, potential and contribution of
             the donors,partners, participants and staff.

COMMITMENT:  We stand on effectively support the largest number
             of the needy community with the available resources.

EXCELLENCE:  Based on the field experiences and lessons learned
             from years in operation, we do perform activities
             that achieve the greatest possible impact.

INTEGRITY:   We confirm strictly that ARDO`s mission being
             implemented in trustful and transparent way
             in all its levels. ARDO accepts responsibility
             for all actions carried out collectively or
             individually by ARDO`s member staff.

WHAT WE DO      Dib U laabo
    Since 19992, in Somaliland territory the role of the government
    institutions and resources have totally disappeared and
    consequently the socio-economic development of the rural as
    well as urban people in the areas of human, water, education,
    agriculture, and social services have been stocked.
    In view of the above non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
    have began to work in the country to complement the
    governments position.
    It was in this regard that the professionals are elders
    within an outside the district of Gabilay registered ARDO
    as an NGO in 1993 to accomplish the efforts in
    development in the district.
    Since its inception, ARDO has raised funds from the grass
    root communities in Gabilay district to initiate
    community-based programs. Because there are no effective
    NGOs in the district, the funds have been utilized in a
    variety of areas some of these are:
      1.. Improve small irrigation farmer communities to
          increase their production capacities.
      2.. Reclamation of the cultivable rainfed farming
          land that has not been used for year in exile.
      3.. Rehabilitation of human and livestock water
          points and construction of Sand Dams for water
          and soil conservation.
      4.. Improving of animal productivity and health
      5.. Other social and economic sectors.
    Given the high cost of the project that ARDO has had to
    support, it became imperative for ARDO to seek other
    sources of funding to boost the implementation of programs.
    ARDO pursuits of funding resulted in the signing two
    partnership agreements with CARE International in February
    2001(in 3 years) and Sept 2001(in two years period).
    The signing of these partnership agreements are a
    milestone in ARDO's history as a leading local
    organization undertaking district-wide operations
    a vital element in agro pastoral activities. The final
    goal of the first agreement is to improve food security
    for the small scale irrigation farmers living in the
    district and to strengthen linkages between civil
    society organizations while the second agreement is
    to directed to promote reintegration of rural
    returnees community through participatory methods to
    achieve improved food security increase returnees
    income, improved water resources and peace building.
    For ARDO to remain focused and consequently be
    sustainable, there has been need to define its core
    business. This was achieved through strategic planning
    workshop of ARDO's primary stakeholders; the board,
    staff, NGO, partners, government and benefiting
    communities. The workshop out put a five-year
    strategic plan aims at ARDO facilitating the
    improvement of the agro pastoral community
    qualification of life.
    ARDO-LNGO has successfully implemented five sub-projects
    under the U.S funded programs of CSEP and IRFS in
    partnership with CARE INTERNATIONAL during 2000 to 2003
    in different sites of Hargeisa region of Somaliland.
    Our projects were mainly targeting to remote rural
    areas that have high incidents of food security,
    unemployment and rural to urban migration and where
    resources for assistance are scant. There were totally
    no employment opportunities to support farming or
    livestock raising production which could have not been
    realized without reclamation of cultivable land,
    rehabilitate water points, irrigation systems and
    empower/mobilize local resources. There fore, there were
    a need to create short-term employment opportunities by a
    large pool of unskilled labour and encourage intensive
    local technology as well as strengthening linkages and
    collaboration between local stakeholders.
    In order to address the most acute problems faced by the
    returnees rural communities in the target areas,
    ARDO-LNGO has carried out the following activities.
    1-     WATER: -
    Rehabilitation of destroyed or malfunctioned water
    resources for human and livestock consumption and
    agriculture by improving/rehabilitating of
    traditional communal shallow wells and earth Dams
    to provide sufficient drinking/irrigation water,
    construction of sand/sub-surface dams for water
    and soil conservation against dry seasons and
    erratic rainfall and rebuilding, improving and
    extending irrigation systems.
    Establishment of animal health service systems in
    the target areas that stands on its own by training
    of mobile( Community Animal Health Workers) CAHW's
    in best use of vet Drugs, control of common diseases
    and proper management of stocking facilities and
    provision of essential vet equipments.
    3-     FARM LAND: -
    Controlling or arresting serious erosion of cultivable
    land, reclamation of arable land that has been covered
    by bushes after years of neglect. Projects has also
    created start-up capital for the target returnees to
    restock herds in good conditions, restore farm equipment
    and tools and resumes better living standards to
    substantially reduce the potential for dependency on
    external assistance.
    Support to communities in skill training to strengthen
    knowledge or access to irrigation, farm management/
    marketing skills and leadership to the beneficiaries.
    It has also established strong village management units
    in the target areas that can contribute to good
    governance, peace building and involvement of all
    stages of community development plans.
    During the three years partnership program with CARE
    international, ARDO-LNGO has implemented five projects
    that, through careful and collaborative implementation
    strategy with target communities, civil authorities and
    other stakeholders,contributed to the welfare and
    development of Somaliland in general and the target
    areas in particular. Specific achievements included
    but not limited to the following:
    1- The projects have contributed to the high level of
       agricultural and livestock production and encouraged
       the economic growth of poor communities or returnees
       in the target areas.
    2- The immediate short term and long term food security
       is achieved through cash payment from the employment
       opportunities or the rehabilitation of pastoral and
       agricultural infrastructure.
    3- The livelihood status of rural women especially those
       who headed households is enhanced by respecting their
       right to participate the community development
       initiatives. It has also ensured rights for tribal
       minorities and the marginalized groups.
    4- Local committees in the target communities were
       organised and mobilized self-sufficiency,
       Peace-building and maintain stability of the
       target areas in particular and in the whole
       country in general.
    Dib U laabo

Cidna Uma Maqna ,Ceelna Uma Qodna

We are trying to be a dedicated group for the needs of the district-  hopefully region -of Gabilay and its surroundings.We can be contacted by the email of   "admin@farshaxan.com".
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