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  ha moogaan mareegta u ban baxday raadraaca taariikhda, dhaqanka iyo hidaha
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Gabiley is deserted by her children

    Brother Adam, I read your article about Gabiley, and being hailed from Gabiley, hundred percent I agree
    with you that Gabiley ended up hand outs of the first lady. Being a Gabilean (reer Gabiley) I'm
    concerning about the developmental stagnation of Gabiley and creativity bankruptcy of local
    Gabiley is number two just behind Berbera in revenues. Its problem is all its revenues are channelled to
    Hargeisa by vision-less, corruptive and lackey locals(Guulwadayaal) so-called politicians.
    Gabiley is a sleepy giant, if it wakes up only God knows what a tremendous striking development it will
    achieve in a short period of time.
    Mr. Adam, Gabiley has one long standing chronic problem, her young, educated, vibrant and energetic
    offspring frequently moves out either to Hargeisa or elsewhere, leaving Gabiley behind with its old
    uneducated population. To develop our home town every Somalilander, hailing from Gabiley should go back
    to Gabiley ( as Awdalites do in Borama) and contribute a thing or two.
    One more point, Gabiley should be recognized as a region (GOBOL) by her people. We the people of Gabiley
    should announce Gabiley as "GOBOLKA GABILEY". From now on wards I recognize Gabiley as a region, Tog
    Wajaale, Allaybadey, Arabsiyo and [ X.....] are districts. I NOT only wish but I demand all like minded,
    serious Gabileans to to do the same thing. For Gabiley has the population, local resources to nourish
    and maintain this status. In Somaliland's first presidential vote, Gabiley beat Sahil, Sanaag and Sool
    in one-man one vote voting procedure. Waiting somebody else to recognize Gabiley as a region is a
    weakness and insult in my opinion. Somaliland recognized by herself no other international entity
    recognized her as an independent country yet in the last fourteen years. Gabileans should do the same
    When we Gabileans recognize Gabiley as a region then sixty-five percent or more of her revenues should
    be allotted to development and administration purposes. NO MORE HAND OUTS, WHO WISHES TO BE A LOSER.
    Mohamoud H. Nugidoon
    Ottawa, CANADA
    April 9, 2005.
    Xigasho: Somaliland Center
Soo Bandhige :Fu,aad
              Bahda Mareegta Farshaxan

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